Tram and Track

One of the specialties of Spiro b.v. is the production of a wide range of products for tram and track. These sectors account for some 350 different components manufactured in house. One of the most important products is the Spirorail® stainless steel electro-hydraulic points, used by the Amsterdam Municipal Transit Company, among others.

Spiro also produces special rail profiles, for example, bridge components and points heaters.

Assemblage van elektro-hydraulische wisselstellers

Electro-hydraulic points

Inbouw van een Spiro wisselsteller

Installing Spiro points

Een tramwissel in aanbouw

Tram points under contruction

Wegdek-brugdek overgangen

Pavement to bridge transitions

De nieuw ontwikkelde Spirorail® Roestvrijstalen wisselsteller

Newly developed Spirorail® stainless steel points