1 Spiro Floor
Easily described as the most modern and multifunctional loading and unloading system currently in use within the garbage processing industry.
4 Hydratech Toploader
The “Hydratech Toploader” system is the economic solution for automatic storage and processing system for all kinds of bulky products, like peat, compost, woodchips…
3 Spare Wheel Carriers
Spiro B.V. produces and sells spare wheel carriers for trailers. Carriers are lightweight, hot-dip galvanised and are supplied complete with clamping plates.
tramenspoor Tram and Track
One of the specialties of Spiro b.v. is the production of a wide range of products for tram and track.
General Production
Spiro B.V. produces various kinds of construction and machine parts in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous materials to suit the customer’s specifications, as well as industrial stairs and landings, trailer chassis, etc.