Hydratech Toploader

The unique “Hydratech Toploader” (EU Patent 0882390) system
The “Hydratech Toploader” (EU Patent 0882390) system is the economic solution for automatic storage and processing system for all kinds of bulky products, like peat, compost, woodchips, fertilizer, fibres, sawdust, bark, SRF. The bucket picks up the material from the furthest end of the mass. The filled bucket moves over the mass of material and automatically empties itself onto a discharge conveyor.

The competitive “Hydratech Toploader” (EU Patent 0882390) advantages:

2 "hydratech toploaders" naast elkaar.

2 “hydratech toploaders” side by side.

een "hydratech toploader" aan het werk.

a “hydratech toploader” working.

een "hydratech toploader" nieuw.

a “hydratech toploader” new.

een "hydratech toploader" beladen.

a “hydratech toploader” filled.